With Studio 99 Productions, you can relax knowing
you have professional videographers with years of
experience capturing the once in a lifetime memories
of your special event.
Video samples
are only meant
to illustrate
Actual video
and audio
quality are far
superior on
Videography, like photography, is an art form and
we pride ourselves on obtaining the best footage
possible, no matter how challenging the shooting
Our cameras deliver crisp digital images throughout
your entire event.  We use only the latest industrial
broadcast quality digital video cameras.
Sample of Photo Montage
It is also possible to capture and print any image
from your video.  Some images on this website
have been captured from our video productions.
Click on a link below to view
our Video Packages:
Sample of Corporate Video
This video was
created as an
opening piece for a
local television

Our Videography Standards:

- Professional, Unobtrusive Videographers
- Industrial Digital 3-Chip Cameras
- Broadcast Quality
- All Digital Editing
- Back-up Equipment