Bopping Heads Sample Video
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You pick a song and, through the magic of green screen video, you then "bop" your
head directly on pre‐recorded professional dancing bodies ‐ no talent required!
The fun is shown to the rest of the guests live on a big screen TV‐ everyone will be
laughing for hours!  Each participant receives a DVD within seconds of his or her
“performance” and the party host will receive a master DVD.  Participants may
return to add more videos as time allows.

How it works: 1, 2 or 3 people can go at once. A green apron is placed on your
guests to cover from the neck down.  Next, a song of their choice is played and the
green is digitally replaced live with professional dancing bodies as your guests
“bop” their heads to the music.  Viewers will see the action on a large screen TV. To
add even more fun, we bring a box filled with amusing props such as: hats,
sunglasses, wigs, bandanas and other costume items.

The Bopping Heads Video Entertainment System is fun for all ages and is sure to be
a big hit at your event!
Click the link below to see the cast of
"Jersey Shore" performing at a
Bopping Heads Booth.

Jersey Shore Cast Bopping Heads